Zodiac Sign Is the Meanest?


It's important to remember that underneath Scorpio's strong demeanour is a sensitive and emotional person who may be hurtful and deceptive.


Capricorns are known to be cutthroat and goal-oriented, yet their direct style of communication sometimes backfires.


They may not mean any harm, but their direct, strong manner of speaking and "me first" mentality may be hard on others.


As a result of their drive to achieve perfection, Virgos often find fault in others in their immediate vicinity.


Leo is the most kind and compassionate zodiac sign, yet when threatened, they can become quite vicious.


The Cancerian doesn't want to be cruel, but their moods may swing wildly. When they're feeling down, this normally kind and caring sign might act in ways that aren't reflective of their true nature.


Gemini is recognised for having several sides to their personality and switching gears quickly. A pleasant Gemini is charming, lively, and very sociable.

When it comes to communicating, Gemini is all about being concise and methodical. If they raise an issue with you, it's important to resolve the tension by having a civil conversation.

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