This sign will make a proposal on Valentine's Day.

If you want Leo to be your Valentine, give him or her a flower arrangement inspired by the Kardashians or make dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant.

Aries: Your Valentine is Leo

Be especially brave when you ask Scorpio to be your Valentine. This will add to the spontaneity of the situation.

Scorpio is your Valentine, Taurus

Making Libra's favourite movie romance happen in real life will touch Libra's heart and make this Valentine's Day the best one she has ever had.

Gemini: Your Valentine is Libra

Capricorn will probably be in charge of planning Valentine's Day, from picking out your gift to figuring out how you will spend the day together.

Cancer: Capricorn is your Valentine.



Find a Valentine's Day pop-up event to go to in your area or plan a fun hike with your Sagittarius that ends with a romantic picnic.

Leo: Your Valentine is Sagittarius

Make Taurus fall in love with you by doing a Samantha Jones-style sushi moment where you cover your body in Taurus's favourite food.

Virgo: Your Valentine is Taurus

Aquarius isn't a very romantic sign, so you might need to think outside the box for Valentine's Day. 

Libra: Your Valentine is Aquarius

Pisces has probably been dreaming about the perfect Valentine's Day, so give the fish what it wants by writing it a love poem. 

Scorpio: Your Valentine is Pisces



 If you want Aries to be your Valentine, you should tell the ram that they are your Valentine.

Sagittarius: Your Valentine is Aries

Cancer loves to remember the past, so put together a gift that perfectly captures your memories.

Cancer is your Valentine, Capricorn

Gemini will love trying to figure out who their secret admirer is when they get your clever and thoughtful Valentine's Day gift.

Aquarius: Your Valentine is Gemini

Valentine's Day activities, you should take care of planning everything for your special Valentine

Pisces: Your Valentine is Virgo

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