The Cola You Should Consume

Pisces: Sierra Mist

Crisp Sierra Mist's all-natural tastes and light carbonation will keep you happy right up to the last drop.

Aquarius: Root Beer

The combination of licorice root and black cherry results in a taste so robust and complex that you won't be able to have just one.

Capricorn: Dr. Pepper

It's certain to please every time thanks to the 23 distinct tastes that come together to provide a really unique taste sensation.

Sagittarius: Ginger Ale

Zesty Ginger Ale is another popular airline drink, so you can always get a can no matter where your travels take you.



Scorpio: Jarritos

Mexican fruit beverage Jarritos is available in a rainbow of flavours and hues and has no artificial sweeteners or tastes.

Libra: Diet Coke

You'll still feel alert thanks to the caffeine, and you won't miss the sugar or the calories with this low-sugar, calorie-free alternative to Coca-Cola

Virgo: Pepsi

There is a reason why Virgos are known as the zodiac's perfectionists. You can see minute nuances that others overlook entirely.

Leo: Crush Orange Soda

Nobody can make an impact like you do, Leo. In the zodiac, you stand out as the bold performer who wants to make a name for yourself.



Cancer: 7 Up

Cancer, you've got a reputation for being a little grumpy since you're so in tune with your emotions.

Gemini: Fanta

You definitely have your go-tos, but you find that you have a lot more fun trying new things.

Taurus: Cream Soda

You're the kind to appreciate the finer things in life, and once you discover something that tickles your fancy, you want to incorporate it into your daily life.

Aries: Coca-Cola

As a sign, Aries radiates a unique vitality. You have an infectious, outgoing attitude that seems to attract people everywhere you go.

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