The Astrologically Appropriate Shade of Clothing

Aries: Red

Since Aries are so fiery and impulsive, they should choose a bold hue to match their character. 

Taurus: Green

However, according to Hayes, a pine green colour "would not only assist calm their minds and spirits down but also help them proceed towards growth and development."

Gemini: Yellow

If you have a Gemini as a friend, you already know what a gregarious and entertaining person they can be. 

Cancer: Sky Blue

Comforting others is a passion for Cancers, whether those people are friends or relatives. 



Leo: Orange

According to celebrity astrologer and lifestyle blogger Lauren Ash, "Leos are the brazen and royal showmen of the zodiac," thus they are constantly trying to make an impression.

Virgo: Gray

The zodiac's perfectionists have a tendency to be intense, to the point that they scare the people around them. 

Libra: Light Pink

All Libras want is to find a happy medium, a place where they can relax and be themselves. This is why soft pink is their colour of power attire.

Scorpio: Black

The fact that Scorpio's characteristics are translated into the colour black shouldn't come as a shock.



Sagittarius: Purple

The zodiac's explorers are the types that are always travelling to new places and trying out new activities and meeting new people.

Capricorn: Navy Blue

Because of their serious and businesslike nature, Capricorns look best in hues that exude authority and seriousness. 

Aquarius: Aqua

Aquarians since they are serious thinkers who care about social concerns and often wish to inspire others.

Pisces: Lavender

They invest a lot of time and energy into helping others and working towards their goals, therefore they need substantial periods of rest and relaxation.

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