The 8 Cutest and Smartest Cat Breeds


Cats are fascinating. They meow and paw at us if we sleep in. When we're away, they're affectionate but distant. Some of the smartest cats behave oddly.

Your cat's intelligence?

Cats are highly alert to their surroundings, and how they interact and respond shows intelligence. Cats survived for millennia because of that knowledge

Do cats have high IQs?

The Russian blue is one of the sharpest cat breeds and can train you rather than the other way around. Russian blues wake you up for breakfast and dinner. 

1. Russian blue

This lovely cat appears like a jungle cat in your living room. Its forward-tilting ears, almond-shaped eyes, and magnificent coat colours mimic a cougar.

2. Abyssinian



Sharpening mental and physical skills makes this unique beauty happy. This cutie loves snuggling with their human after solving the day's problems.

3. Egyptian mau

The Burmese, a smart cat breed, wants attention, as shown by its body language. They play fetch, an unique cat habit, and are dog-like. They're adorable obstinate. 

4. Burmese

The sharpest cats can learn new tricks, but emotional intelligence is astonishing. These adorable stubby-tailed cats are empathetic and relaxing, like emotional support dogs. 

5. American bobtail



The smartest cats are generally unknown breeds. The Japanese bobtail is an uncommon cat breed. Japanese bobtails all have different tails. 

6. Japanese bobtail

Dr. Andino believes Siamese enjoy to learn new tricks. If you don't give it exciting mental stimulation, it will find its own. It desires human love more than brainpower

7. Siamese

Bengals, like leopards and jaguars, have stunning marbling coats. Due to their attractiveness, Bengals are the most stolen cat breed. This bold and curious cat wants to play. 

8. Bengal

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