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If Papa the Miniature Poodle wasn't already a TikTok celebrity, he would have gone viral for no other reason than a terrible haircut.

 This poor little Poodle had an awful haircut at the groomers recently, and now his fans are making fun of him. In fact, @ashlandavenue nearly forgot to tweet about her dog's new hairstyle.

We know that Papa's hair will eventually come back, but it doesn't stop us from giggling about it now. After all, everyone has had that one horrible haircut experience at some point in their life.

OMG! Please accept our deepest condolences, Papa. It's embarrassing when people are recording your new haircut and you don't like it. 



 Well, at least you gained a large number of new viewers! Nevertheless, regardless of how his fur may change, Papa will always have his loyal followers.

We're still here, sister, and we all feel your anguish," tweeted @ricky bobby2020. Exactly! Fans aren't easily replaced by a new hairstyle alone. The shocking shift is still tough to deny.

Someone on Twitter named @stormjean43 mistook your profile photo for that of a new dog. LOL! Yet we do get what you mean. 



Without his trademark mane, Papa is hard to recognise as the same dog. It's possible that we may eventually grow accustomed to this appearance, but it'll take a long time.

The response to the following remark by @meeshon4 had us in fits of laughter "Although he is still adorable, the afro added authenticity to his nene voiceovers.

Even in the 'fro, the attitude was hidden." The truth is so sad it's funny. His voluminous top was the perfect complement to his bright disposition, and it will be much missed. 

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