NASA launches Israel's first space telescope

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NASA will launch Israel's first space telescope, UV Transient Astronomy Satellite (ULTRASAT). 

ULTRASAT, a large-field ultraviolet observatory, will study short-duration cosmic occurrences including supernova explosions and neutron star mergers.

The Israel Space Agency and Weizmann Institute of Science will launch ULTRASAT into geostationary orbit in early 2026. NASA will launch and participate in the mission's science.

"We are thrilled to join this alliance, an international endeavour that will help us better comprehend the secrets of the hot, transient cosmos." 



"ULTRASAT will provide the worldwide research community another vital capacity for making new discoveries in the budding area of time domain and multimessenger astrophysics projects."

ULTRASAT's broad field of vision will let it find and collect ultraviolet light from rapidly changing cosmic sources.

Time domain and multimessenger astronomy will integrate ULTRASAT's short-term event observations with data from other missions researching gravitational waves and particles

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"Groundbreaking research requires cutting-edge technology," said Israel Space Agency head Uri Oron.

"Our ULTRASAT requirements for a large field of vision, improved ultraviolet sensitivity, and real-time data management and transmission are cutting-edge. Israel's space industry can provide



The Israel Space Agency is pleased of NASA's collaboration and the Israeli space industry's technical work in developing the telescope."

"This is a breakthrough initiative that positions Israel at the forefront of worldwide research," said ULTRASAT's chief researcher, Weizmann Institute astrophysicist Eli Waxman.

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