Mouse-Catching Cat and Baby

The cat and baby couldn't wait to show mom their find. Cats seldom team up with housemates. They plan against everyone, staying alone.

But TikTok user @anniesais's cat got a companion in crime in her kid and can do anything. This TikToker investigated these two since they seemed strange one day. She noticed something shocking. 

How they told mum truly touched us. Precious! O.M.G How adorable! It wasn't a mouse. While keeping watch, they were astonished. LOL!



"The cat understood the youngster instantly," stated @thecraftladyabby. Right?! They probably prepared what to say before mom arrived.

"The cat nodded," @j.x083 said. She noticed it, but we didn't! Imagine the mouse's view. "I need the mouse POV - enormous cat and gigantic baby," @mayday101k said.

HA! A big cat and infant joining together would make our eyes jump out too



@mountaingirl7771 tweeted, "Lol the look that mouse gave you said, 'Lady, can you please get me out of here?'"

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