Loyal Dog Waits By Empty Hospital Bed, Unaware That The Man Is Gone Forever

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Some dogs are man's best companion even after their owners die. Three-year-old New Jersey Lab mix Moose. Moose was orphaned after his owner died in the hospital.

Moose patiently waited beside the hospital bed for his owner. The sweet shot went viral because it's so heartbreaking.

NorthStar Pet Rescue and Eleventh Hour Rescue posted the photo on Facebook to find Moose a new family. This photo shows his loyalty and love.



"He's a sweet happy guy by nature," the caption added. "People need to mend his heart."
"Let's fix this heart together."
Moose's story moved people.

Because dogs can't speak, it's hard to say if they "grieve" in the human sense, but it's apparent they're affected by their companions' deaths.

When a companion dies, pet owners notice their pets seem sad or worried. Animals may become clinging, disinterested, or lazy.



Dogs can show their grief in painful ways. After his dad died, 3-year-old Lab mix Moose sat calmly by the hospital bed and looked out the window.

Rockaway Township, New Jersey, pet rescue took Moose. The rescue publicised his photo and tale to find Moose a forever home.

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