Kid's Response to New Puppy After Dog Died

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When a family pet dies, it's always heartbreaking, but kids can take it especially hard. @Moniharv894 knows this very well, so after her kids spent the weekend with their dad.e.

"Since Duke died in August, the kids, especially my son, have missed having a dog in the house for security and emotional support," Monica Harvey says in the video.

How cute are these kids' reactions? @CarrieTodd comments, "Your children love each other and you so much. They were brought up with love and care."



@Claire agrees with her and says, "You can tell how well your kids are raised by how they act and react. I love it."

 @MillieMccarthyxx says, "It's so sweet that he hugs you before he even sees the dog."



We love how the dog's tail never stops wagging, and @FecklessFox agrees, writing, "His little tail is always wagging!"

Here's hoping that these sweet kids and their new dog have many happy years together!

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