Internet Loves Pug's "Breakfast Ears" After Breakfast

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A pug sanctuary's video of Stella eating breakfast with her ears back has touched thousands online.
The sanctuary's most-viewed post is Bubblebecca Pugs' viral TikTok video from Cheshire, England.

The TikTok post shows a large bunch of pugs in a room after breakfast. Rebecca Drake, sanctuary manager and longtime dog rescuer, told Newsweek, "I run the pug sanctuary from my home in Cheshire."

The @BubbleBeccaPugs video has over 480,000 views and 90,000 likes since being posted on January 20.



One TikTok user asked, "WHY ARE THEY ALL LICKING?" Drake said, "Because dogs instinctively lick and look after each other."

"How's it feel to live my dream?" asked one amused TikTok user. "The one dog getting all he can eat breakfast buffet out of the one dogs ears," another user said.

"Purebred rescue organisations know the breed's personality, temperament, and medical issues. This understanding aids placements." These facilities provide more specialised care for pets.



Pugs are high-maintenance. Pugs are more prone to hereditary health issues than other dogs due to unethical breeding for appearance.

The Royal Veterinary College, U.K. study discovered that flat-faced (brachycephalic) breeds often have respiratory issues due to their abnormally flat faces.

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