Husky's Outrage at Treat Deserves an Oscar

We assumed dogs enjoyed all foods. They eat with us and never refuse treats. They want the treat without seeing it. Apparently, not all dogs.

@meekathehusky on TikTok defies dog stereotypes. She wasn't enjoying her treat. Oscar-worthy reaction. Look!



LMAO! Dogs have never refused treats before. Meeka should be grateful since soon they won't buy her treats!

"She's extra and I'm all for it," said @xx eren jaeger xx. We! She's a self-determined dog. Not her fault! @brandyhagler5, "Meeka says, "No." Eat it both. " She won't touch it without peanut butter. 



@daviddicola wrote, "Drama queen. Enjoy!" She's a natural drama queen and deserves an Oscar! 

"Meeka knows what she likes!" stated @ruthsumney. Typical drama queen! Give this wonderful girl a peanut butter treat now!

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