Husky's Dramatic Refusal to Hug Dad

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It's common knowledge that huskies attract drama everywhere they go, and Meeka is certainly no exception. 

Her latest TikTok video went viral thanks in large part to her sassy personality and impressive vocal range, but what really had people laughing was her intransigent, Siberian Husky-esque attitude.

Her account, @meekathehusky, is worth following in general, but this specific tweet had us in fits of hysterical laughter. No wonder she avoids her father's embraces so vehemently!



LMAO! Meeka is unsure of what she wants right now, but she is quite clear on what she does not want. Her intransigence may be frustrating, but it provides much-needed comic relief for her loved ones.

Really, she does! She shouldn't be forced to give a hug if she's not feeling it, especially because physical contact isn't exactly vital to the planet's continued existence.

But, really, maybe it's a Husky thing! According to viewer @zaymacniell, "my Husky flees from me whenever I approach her for a cuddle." 



It fits the bill perfectly! This species like to do things their own way, but we can guarantee that they'll all want a hug at some point. Inevitably, Meeka will have to give her dad a hug.

And even if she's not totally sold on the notion, I'm sure they can come to an arrangement. To our relief, we saw her temper tantrum before the serious discussions started.

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