How to Determine Zodiac Compatibility

1 Learn the zodiac signs.

Understand the zodiac signs and their meanings to understand relationship compatibility.

2 Learn each sign's elements.

Each sign has a natural force associated with it in addition to its constellation form.

3 Check sign compatibility.

Fire signs are most compatible with Air signs, while Water and Earth signs are best with their attributes.



4 Know incompatible signs.

No two zodiac signs are incompatible, but the conventional elemental pairs are the most compatible.

5 Astrology websites are reliable.

Most astrology websites have the same information. You can learn about signs, their meanings, ideal compatibilities, classical texts, and astral body interactions.

6 Study each sign.

Most astrology websites have detailed descriptions of each zodiac sign's traits. Learn your sign and your partner's.



7. Test compatibility.

Most online astrology resources provide simple compatibility tests that only require you to fill out a form or press a few buttons to find an ideal sign match.

8 Know relationship strengths and weaknesses.

Astral bodies don't directly affect character, however zodiac signs can show which personality types get along.

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