German Shepherd 'Outsmarting'

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A video of a clever German shepherd unlocking doors has gone popular on the social media platform TikTok.

In the video posted online, the dog easily opens a gate his owners had erected at the top of the stairs by raising the handle with his nose and then pushing.

The German shepherd casually ascends the steps after he has successfully passed through the gate.



Brenna, the dog's owner, captioned the TikTok video, "Me thinking I'm outsmarting my dog by putting up a fence to keep him downstairs."

Brenna, who uses the handle @WiscoWatson online, the dog's owner, posted the viral video to the site on February 1.

The video has amassed over 770,000 views and over 78,000 likes from individuals who found it funny. Many people like seeing amusing videos of animals acting in surprisingly human ways.

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Brenna has revealed her Wisconsin roots on her social media, although the family seems to be located in Denver.

Many German Shepherd owners worry that their pets are smarter than them.



Many dogs of this breed have a reputation for being very smart and can pick up a new trick with very little practise.

The American Kennel Club recommends taking use of a German shepherd's wits by testing it with puzzles and other brain-teasing diversions. 

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