Dog Finally Accepts Baby Human Sibling

There's nothing as sweet as seeing how dogs interact with animals that are smaller than them, and this beautiful video posted by TikTok user @Chanithedoodle is no exception.

Even though Chani was afraid of the baby and would hide from her, look at how quickly they became friends after just two weeks. It is so heartwarming.

How sweet are these two? @Rebeccalowrey's comments, "I like the head down and slow movement. Baby has a heart of gold for such a young age. 

Guess we already know what she gave us." @Nickyelizabethprice says the same thing, "This is the cutest video.



And I love how your little one loves it when your dog licks her neck. They make a very pretty pair."

@Chambrayblue replies, "Beautiful!! And you've taught your child to be gentle and kind, which makes this a great match."

The American Kennel Club says that when introducing a dog to a baby, you should give your dog both mental and physical space to figure things out.



When things get crazy or out of hand, give your dog crate time with a good chewie.

Take it slow and act calm around your dog, and you'll find that you're best friends for life.

There is nothing as special as the bond between kids and their dogs.

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