Dog "Crying" to Play With His Canine Neighbors Melts Hearts

"When my neighbor's dog's mom told me that Beaver has been weeping for 10 minutes because he wants to come over to our house," said the TikTok account @calipolarbearcom's caption.

The neighbour replied, "Yeah, Beaver can see you and he's freaking out lol [laugh out loud]," according to a video screengrab.

Poster texted neighbour: "Beaver comes daily. Haha, let him in." Beaver and two other dogs enter the neighbor's house as a note reads, "Happiest dogs."



In March 2019, Scientific Reports reported that "dogs can create relationships of comparable characteristics with both people and other canines, 

And that these relationships vary along numerous components among different partners."

"Dogs who have been properly socialised will congenially approach nearly everything that is alive, regardless of its species," says Coren.



At the time of this writing, TikTok had over 211,000 views of a dog "weeping" to visit his canine companions next door.

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