Cat's Heartbreaking Refusal to Leave Mom

Cat's Heartbreaking Refusal to Leave Mom

Chase held on to his mother for dear life.
We can't stand to leave our fur babies at home. Even if it's just to go to the store, it makes us sad because, well, we always want them with us.

The hardest part of leaving for a few days is having to say goodbye. They know it's coming and it just breaks your heart.

That is exactly what happened to TikTok user @dontstopmeowing. She had to catch a flight, so she was saying one last goodbye to her cat, Chase. 



He was hugging her so tightly. Your heart will break as you watch this, because we've all been there before.

Oh, poor baby Chase! He couldn't stand to see mommy all packed up and leaving. We don't know how she didn't cry, because we're sobbing here and it's not even our cat!

"I'm crying so hard because he said 'No,'" tweeted @m3mesboi. SAME! And he really said no. He couldn't stand the thought of a day without his mom. 



How could she do this to him!? @tikkimarie added, "I would cancel my flight right away." Who needs trips or vacations when you have an adorable, loving cat at home?

Another TikToker, @ramblinjenny, wrote, "They really are our children." We would not have it any other way.

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