Cat Reacts to Heating Pad

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This cat seemed to be getting a bit too much pleasure from this. "I would do anything for my pet" is a frequent sentiment among pet owners. 

 Our dogs are like our children; we do all we can to ensure their health, happiness, and contentment. Indeed, even if it means giving them the heating pad we bought to help ourselves feel better.

If this cat's response to the heating pad is any indication, we'd have a hard time taking it away from @Its jabent, who uses the account on TikTok.



We can't help but speculate that this heating pad contains an infusion of catnip. If you ask @Sy, you'd think he's never experienced warmth before. The guy is drooling like a pig!

After receiving its first full-body massage, it has begun behaving quite similarly to a human. In a humorous tweet, @Lacrimosa said, "Me when I mix the heating pad with an extra strong Tylenol."

You may have to call him toast after he's done, @Annika says, since he's going to look toasted. If you don't turn him over at the halfway point, he won't be cooked all the way through, warns @CMS.



A funny continuation of the cat flip was uploaded by @Its Jabent.

He is so calm that he is on his second glass of wine while soaking in a hot tub, watching The Real Housewives, and waiting for Door Dash to bring him some Chinese takeout.

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