Cat Attacked New Babysitter to Tell Them Something Important

Some cats are not gloomy or mysterious. Some cats are daring enough to do things humans wouldn't do.

A adorable tuxedo cat defended her family's infant from an abusive babysitter in Wonder Animals' YouTube video.

Daniel and Mary were thrilled to find they were expecting. Zara the household cat wanted to meet Ollie. After Ollie came, they cuddled and napped. Two peas in a pod.



Alicia, a family friend, watched Ollie when Mary worked after her maternity leave ended.

Even though Zara had met Alicia before the baby came and seemed well, she didn't seem to like her. Alicia suggested to Mary that Zara was becoming violent because she could smell her dog.

Mary and Daniel worried when Ollie started acting differently. He was typically relaxed, but lately he appeared sensitive and would flinch when Mary spoke to her husband from another room.



Cat and baby Ollie were acting strangely.Mary and Daniel thought their new nanny was to blame.

The couple used their cunning cat to set up a recording device to hear anything strange at home while they were away.

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