ISS astronaut snaps "absolutely unbelievable" aurora shot.

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NASA astronaut Josh Cassada shared a stunning snap of auroras from the International Space Station, giving skywatchers even more cause to desire that position (ISS).

The ISS orbits Earth at 250 miles. So, astronauts on the station have a unique view of Earth. Auroras too. On February 28, Cassada tweeted the ISS aurora shot, calling it "totally unbelievable."

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We've seen such amazing cosmic phenomena before. Last year astronaut Robert Hines photographed a solar storm in our atmosphere.

Solar radiation and Earth's atmosphere create these celestial occurrences. When solar energy is powerful enough, auroras may expand well beyond their regular appearance zones. 



These ISS aurora photographs also reveal how far these light displays spread into space.

The treasured space station has more news this week. NASA and SpaceX are still launching Crew-6, which was scrubbed two minutes before liftoff and will bring four additional astronauts to the station.



Russia's ISS rescue mission is under underway, giving astronauts a safer method to escape home in case of an emergency.

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