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Most Popular Drinks

America's 10

Diet Coke:

Diet Coke has always catered to an older demographic, but in recent years it has gained popularity among younger consumers. 

Mountain Dew:

PepsiCo has found great success by associating their caffeinated, vaguely nuclear-looking drink (known as "rocket fuel") with fast times, late-night gaming binges, and great sports.

Dr Pepper:

A much of the advertising that Dr Pepper Snapple Group has done over the years seems to take pride in the company's unique position in the beverage market.


The Coca-Cola Company's Sprite is similar to rival 7 Up, except it was originally marketed for adults as a way to mix their favourite alcoholic beverages. 



Diet Pepsi:

Pepsi Light, a diet cola with a lemon taste, first appeared in the 1970s and again in the 1980s. Pepsi currently has two products available, Pepsi ONE and Pepsi Max.


In Europe, Africa, and Latin America, where Fanta was heavily advertised, the Fanta females are more well-known than certain heads of state. 


According to a Gallup research from 2012, 39% of drinkers prefer beer and 35% want wine. However, beer devotees drink much more than wine lovers.




"Brad's Drink," Pepsi-Cola has undergone several rebrandings throughout the course of its long and successful history. 


Coke has a greater market share than both Pepsi and Mountain Dew combined (17%), and 94% of the world's population seems to be familiar with the brand.

Diet Mountain Dew:

Aimed squarely at the youth market, Diet Mountain Dew is a popular soft drink. Advertisements have always shown attractive young men who seem to be taking risks.

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