After Being Sick, 'Dramatic' Bulldog Feels Pity.

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After a rough night, Reginald the Bulldog didn't feel good. The English Bulldog breed is very expressive, and Reginald is no different.

Reginald had a terrible night and felt very bad the next day. We don't know what was wrong with him. Did he have a headache? Stomach issues?

Did the football game make him sad? Reginald had a bad night no matter what, and it's not fair because this sweet Bubba is too cute to ever have a bad anything!



Reginald's worried mom, @Megans Angels, shared this video of her sad, sweet boy. Reginald, stop making us want to give you a big hug to make you feel better. 

This adorable baby! People on TikTok are in love with this sad boy, and @Micki says, "Reg was so sad. He has such a kind heart."

@Faye adds, "I love Reg! The drama is really shown by the way he reacts to what you say. Hope he feels better soon."



Chesey Ersham also says, "Awww poor guy! I really like how all of your bullies show who they are. So much fun to watch!"

Because it has been demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that when Reginald is unhappy, ALL of us feel that way as well,

We sincerely hope that whatever was making him upset is resolved as quickly as possible.

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