A Jacket Suiting Your Star Sign

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Aries: Bomber Jacket

You are an Aries who enjoys making a strong statement. You have an equally daring sense of style and are not hesitant to try anything new

Taurus: Shearling Jacket

As a Taurus, you like a homey environment, but that doesn't mean you can't pull off a chic look.

Gemini: Peacoat

Gemini, your sense of style is a reflection of your unique personality. You hate monotony, therefore you always follow the most current styles

Cancer: Sherpa Jacket

You, Cancer, care more about convenience than about anybody or anything else.



Leo: Animal Print Jacket

Leo, if there's anything louder and more outgoing than your personality, it's your sense of style. 

Virgo: Denim Jacket

Those born under the Virgo sign tend to choose fashionable and elegant garments.

Libra: Suede Jacket

It is common knowledge that people born under the sign of the Libra are stylish and put together. 

Scorpio: Trench Coat

The sign of Scorpio is the most cryptic and perplexing in the zodiac. Even though you're really very sensitive on the inside, you like to put on an impassive and sombre front.



Sagittarius: Field Jacket

The journey of life is an adventure, and you, Sagittarius, are going to take pleasure in it no matter the weather.

Capricorn: Moto Jacket

Your style, Capricorn, is best described as understated elegance. You place a premium on how you look and let it shine through in your choice of clothing.

Aquarius: Puffer Jacket

You may not be the most gregarious sign, but Aquarius, you sure do love your outlandish fashion choices.

Pisces: Cape Coat

You look like a real Pisces, the zodiac's romantics. Being the most creative sign, you like bold patterns and bright hues. 

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