8 Beverages to Poop Fast


In case you needed reminding, constipation happens when undigested food stays in your intestines.

Water with lemon

Citric acid, a type of vitamin C found in lemons and lemon juice, may have laxative effects in certain individuals without producing diarrhoea.



Chia fresca

A chia fresca is a mixture of chia seeds, water, and a few twists of lemon or lime, and it is recommended by registered dietitian and author Lauren Manaker.


Coffee may be most recognised for its caffeine content, but drinking coffee may also activate the digestive system to operate, prompting things to 'start moving.

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Fresh fruit juice

Plant-based registered dietitian and business owner Ashley Kitchens, MPH, RDN, recommends drinking juices like pear, apple, and apricot to ease constipation.

Prune juice

Prunus domestica juice consumption is associated with beneficial gastrointestinal effects. 



Aloe vera juice

It may help with bloating because it calms the stomach and reduces inflammation in the digestive tract.

Authentic ginger teas

Real teas, such as black and green teas, contain hundreds of bioactive chemicals, such as amino acids, caffeine, lignins, proteins, xanthines, and flavonoids. 

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