10 Cheapest U.S. Cities

Wichita Falls, Texas

 Property is inexpensive, and people enjoy a cheaper lifestyle than their neighbours due to low transit expenses and low prices on daily goods. 

South Alamo, Texas

The median household income is $38,149, below the national average, but when you can buy a house for $46,600, we doubt many people are feeling the pinch

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The average housing cost is lower than the average income, and general living expenses are almost laughably low.

DeQuincy, Louisiana

In DeQuincy, Louisiana, everyone knows your name. Family-oriented, friendly, and small enough to walk, it's perfect for those who want to trade city life for serenity.



Olney, Texas

Olney is affordable. At $51,200, the average property price is far below the national average of $184,700.

Cienegas Terrace, Texas

We agree with them given the $83,000 average property price, $668 average rental price, and low cost of living.

Ponca City, Oklahoma

 We agree since the median home value is $93,700. While the average cost of living is low, housing costs are only 32% of what most Americans pay.



Ozona, Texas

Because of the low property prices, newcomers can expect low living costs. The average rental cost, $534 per month, is over $400 less than the national average, which will delight renters.

Muniz, Texas

Even while most homeowners make $35,912—far below the national average of $55,322—when the cost of living is this low, we're sure they still have plenty of spare cash.

Muskogee, Oklahoma

 Just remember that things are cheap for a reason, and with the average household earning just 38,885

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