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Excellent Jambalaya

    Excellent Jambalaya

    Chicken, andouille sausage, rice, and Cajun spices come together in a single pot to form a spicy jambalaya. The flavorful and spicy jambalaya here is sure to please.

    Like its Spanish paella relative, jambalaya may be found in both a red (Creole, with tomatoes) and brown (traditional) variety that will leave your kitchen looking like a bomb went off (Cajun, without). Louisiana’s hallmark meal is a gumbo-like concoction of meat, veggies (a holy trinity of celery, peppers, and onions), and rice.
    One thing is sure when you sit down with pals to a massive bowlful of it, regardless of the color or hidden ingredients: son of a pistol, you will have tremendous fun on the bayou.

    Jambalaya, what is it?

    Jambalaya is a Louisianan cuisine consisting of rice, pork or seafood, and vegetables cooked all at once. Jambalaya, like paella, is influenced by both French and Spanish cuisines. Named after the Provençal word for “mishmash,” “jambalaya,” the term “jambalaya” is a jumble of many words.

    Jambalaya, like many other Cajun and Creole dishes, has its taste basis in the Cajun holy trinity: onion, bell peppers, and celery.

    Ingredients for Jambalaya

    Make the tastiest jambalaya of your life with these ingredients:

    • Oil: The chicken and andouille sausage are cooked in peanut oil.
    • Sausage: Andouille sausage is the best choice for an actual jambalaya experience.
    • Chicken: To prepare the chicken, dice one pound of boneless, skinless chicken breasts into 1-inch chunks.
    • Spices and seasonings: Cajun spice, fresh garlic, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, spicy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and file powder give this chicken and sausage jambalaya its distinctive taste.
    • Vegetables: For the vegetables, you’ll need an onion, some green bell peppers, and some celery.
    •  Rice: When making this jambalaya, stick to white rice.
    • Broth: Cook the rice in either store-bought or homemade chicken broth.


    You’ll find the detailed instructions for making this tried-and-true chicken and sausage jambalaya down below, but in the meanwhile, here’s a taste of what you’re in for:

    1. Step one: prepare the meat by cooking it and then flavoring it with Cajun spice. Sausage should be cooked in a skillet before being removed with a slotted spoon. Brown the chicken on both sides in a skillet. Take out using a slotted spoon, and put to one side.
    2. Next, prepare the veggies by sautéing the onion, celery, bell pepper, and garlic in the same pot until the vegetables are soft. Combine the tomato paste and spices and stir to combine—Cook the meat for 10 minutes after adding it.
    3. Third, include the rice by combining the rice with the chicken stock and stirring to combine. Cook over low heat until all the liquid is absorbed after bringing it to a boil.

    Is Jambalaya Freezable?

    Jambalaya may be frozen and stored for up to three months. Please put it in freezer bags with a zip-top (in individual servings). Freeze the bags flat by wrapping them in aluminum foil.

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