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Delicious Banana Split

    Delicious Banana Split

    Are you prepared for the pinnacle of frozen treats? The most prestigious sundae ever created? It better be since we’re going to do banana splits today. Banana splits are one of my favorite ice creams treats at a restaurant, but they’re also a breeze to prepare at home and a tonne of fun to eat, particularly in the summer. Banana split evenings are a favorite of our sons and me.

    David Strickler supposedly invented the banana split in 1904 at the soda fountain of Tassell Pharmacy in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The fact that the banana split remains a wildly popular dessert decades after its introduction indicates its success. It is a popular delicacy found at ice cream parlors worldwide and prepared quickly at home.


    • Banana- the star of the show!
    • Ice cream- a scoop of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry
    • Crushed pineapple or chopped fresh pineapple
    • Chocolate syrup
    • Strawberry sauce or chopped fresh strawberries
    • Whipped cream
    • Maraschino cherries
    • Chopped peanuts


    Make sure you have a long, shallow dish before you get the ice cream and bananas for a banana split. The finest dish on hand will suffice, but if you have the option, use the glass or disposable banana split boats. Find banana split bowls at a secondhand shop or have granny look for you.
    It would help if you also had all the condiments prepared. To avoid the ice cream melting, we must be ready.

    Let’s whip up a banana split, shall we?

    1. To begin, peel the banana and split it in half lengthwise. The banana slices lay against the edges of a long, shallow dish.

    2. Line up the banana slices in a row and top with a scoop each of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream.

    3. To serve, top vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of pineapple sauce or fresh pineapple. Chocolate ice cream might benefit from a chocolate syrup or hot fudge drizzle. Sprinkle the fresh strawberries (or the strawberry syrup) on the ice cream.

    4. Serve ice cream in bowls and garnish with whipped topping and a cherry. Toss in the chopped nuts for garnish and tuck in!

    Although banana splits are more enjoyable when shared, feel free to indulge in one all to yourself.

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